About Us

Our Team

Brenda Nanseroka is our plantation and propagation manager. Her expertise forms the foundation of Bamboo Uganda. Her hands-on experience completes – and sometimes contradicts – the theory, helping to secure productive and healthy plantations.

Brenda Nanseroka

Plantation & Propagation Manager

Herwig Van Geenhoven is as a chemical engineer by education and an innovative project manager by trade. He contributes his project management experience from the petro-industry, to generate environmental and social impact. Herwig drives the processing facility and product development department of Bamboo Uganda.

Herwig Van Geenhoven

Project Manager Processing & Carbon Credits

Joseph Muyangabo sits at the center of Uganda’s civil society organizations. Bamboo Uganda builds on his expertise on social inclusion and youth participation, to strive towards a maximal social impact in our bamboo business. Joseph believes in bamboo as a tool to drive a green economy and have a social impact in Uganda. He currently works as Country Representative for the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Joseph Muyangabo

Expert on social inclusion

Robert is partner and co-founder of Blok Kats van Veen Architects (BKVV) and co-founder and  chairman of DASUDA Foundation. He works as an architect and urban designer on a wide range of projects across Africa and promotes integral urban sustainable development based on Dutch and local knowledge and collaborative experience. Robert promotes bamboo as sustainable and affordable construction material.

Robert van Kats


Sjaak is leading the Bamboo Wamu Uganda Ltd. nursery: propagating seedlings and providing plantation services, research and training. Sjaak currently works as Head of Farm Management & Agronomy for UGACOF in Uganda. His expertise in agroforestry and innovations forms the basis for the bamboo propagation, plantation and agroforestry models that Bamboo Uganda is promoting.

Sjaak De Bloois

Agronomist/ Innovator

Thomas has experience in operational management in private, non-governmental and international organizations in east and west Africa. Working mostly in underdeveloped regions his main focus has always been on impact. Thomas is driving Bamboo Uganda to become a leading actor in the bamboo eco-system.

Thomas Quirynen

Social entrepreneur / Operational manager

Umbrella organization and brand for the different partners, coordinating joint research, private business interests and innovation efforts with the aim of maximizing social and environmental impact.

Our Members

BamboCo2 is a company specialized in the development of bamboo carbon credits, through afforestation / reforestation, harvested bamboo products and renewable energies (avoided deforestation)

With over 100.000 seedlings and a lot of knowledge on bamboo propagation, plantation and agroforestry, Bijimu Bamboo Farming Ltd. forms the basis of our organization.

Amabanda Ltd. will be the main engine of our operations, forming the market for our bamboo plantations and agroforestry projects, the producer of high quality construction products for BKVV & KWAFUNDI and the economical engine to fuel the bamboo economy in Uganda.

BKVV works on a wide range of projects across Africa and promotes integral urban sustainable development based on Dutch and local knowledge and collaborative experience. Kwafundi is a Ugandan architectural firm committed to social architecture with local materials.