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Bamboo Plantations

Bamboo can yield 3 times more timber than trees on the same area

Bamboo Agroforestry

Bamboo can be used in agroforestry to create a natural greenhouse.

Bamboo Conservation

Stabilize riverbeds and mountain slopes, regenerate degraded lands & contribute to conservation efforts.

Bamboo Agroforestry

Bamboo can be planted as a natural greenhouse, thus producing a micro climate that is conducive for different bamboo agroforestry models. Bamboo has the potential to drastically increase agricultural yields and improve the quality of crops while making farmers more climate SMART and market resilient.

Bamboo Uganda is currently testing and optimizing bamboo agroforestry models at its research center in Luwero. Towards the future, we see bamboo agroforestry as a game changer for different agricultural sectors (e.g. coffee, vanilla and fodder production). The bamboo agroforestry models will be linked to a model of block farming, adding a social component to the story. The transition from traditional agriculture to bamboo agroforestry will be funded by Carbon Credits. After the transition, small holder farmers will not only be more climate SMART and market resilient, they will significantly increase their revenues.