Bamboo Processing?

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Why Bamboo Processing?

Bamboo is one of the most promising resources for the development of a sustainable society. It grows faster than any other plant in the world, it releases over 30% more oxygen and can generate 15 times more timber then trees on a similar surface. Bamboo can help to reduce deforestation of tropical rainforests and provide an alternative for non-renewable materials.

In the upcoming years Bamboo Uganda is committed to work hard on product development, backed by scientific research on the carbon footprint of those products. We will put a lot of effort in researching the actual impact of our products on the environment and maximize it.

Were possible we will use the sales of Carbon Credits to fund further research and innovation in order to develop world leading carbon positive bamboo products.

Bamboo treatment

Bamboo has a bad reputation in Uganda, as untreated culms get often eaten by weevils and termites. However properly treated bamboo lasts way longer then wood and is more durable.

We (will) continue to investigate the most environmentally friendly treatment opportunities, such as heat treatment and and borax and boric acid solutions.

“The science is already there. We don’t have to convince people about bamboo; we have to inspire them – and bamboo is an inspiring product. ”

Gunter Pauli, founder of The Blue Economy