The Project


General Processing



1000 Ha planted -> Produces 20.000 tons of bamboo every year.

Bamboo processed into 10.000 ton green products & 10.000 ton renewable energy

5.000 tons of bamboo used in ecological construction.


Promoting & Developing innovative ways to construct with bamboo.

Environmental Impact

Innovative alternatives supporting more ecological construction

(sector responsible for +-40% of all carbon emissions)

Our Partners

Umbrella organization and brand for the different partners, coordinating joint research, private business interests and innovation efforts with the aim of maximizing social and environmental impact.

The processing facilities are the main engine to drive the social business Bamboo Uganda. All income from processing will go directly into further research, innovation and market development.

Research center and training center for bamboo and bamboo agroforestry.

Carbon Sequestration

Greenhouse Marketeers is a well-established company in the calculation of Carbon Footprinting. With bamboo Uganda they add a carbon-offsetting program to their portfolio with a strong scientific framework that does so much more than just sequestering carbon.
Local partner: develops carbon projects together with different research institutes, working towards circular models in which carbon credits are used to pay for the set up of bamboo plantations and the development of innovative and climate smart bamboo agroforestry models.

Propagation and Plantation

BVU Propagation has been growing Bamboo seedlings in Uganda for the last 3 years. BVU has become a specialist on the propagation and plantation of bamboo in Uganda and is using the full capabilities of bamboo for conservation efforts and bamboo agroforestry. BVU Propagations now has a stock of over 65.000 seedlings from 15 different bamboo species.


BKKV is a well established Dutch architectural firm promoting ecological architecture through innovative techniques and materials. In Uganda BKVV is working together with Kwafundi to promote bamboo as a cheap and sustainable construction material.